Fund Benefits

The Fund offers the investor exposure mainly to the German real estate market removing the risk of fluctuating values.

MBF will exploit short to medium-term bridging and mezzanine funding opportunities secured against prime real estate assets mainly in Germany.

The Fund’s expert advisory team of real estate insiders will offer investors key benefits:

  • Anticipates returns in the region of 8%-10%
  • Low correlation to stock markets.
  • Predictable returns with low volatility.
  • Access to asset class previously reserved for institutional investors.
  • Monthly liquidity.
  • Experienced risk management process enhanced by asset backed security and diversification.

The advantage of Property As collateral

The fund will lend with safe LTVs to a diversified portfolio of mainly German real estate properties in strategic and proven locations to ensure sustainability.

  • Target a number of real estate markets.
  • Properties in key areas with sustainable valuations mitigating downside risk.
  • Provide financing to both private and corporate developers.
  • Only use accurate valuations and lending practices.
  • Aim to take “first charge” where possible to ensure investors are protected, whilst still accessing high yield opportunities.

Lending policy and approach embeds diversification, thus mitigating risk by allocating to key proven sectors.