The Marshall Bridging Fund (MBF)

We offer the investor an exposure mainly to the German property market without the risk of changing valuations.

Liquidity will be provided monthly, diversification through experience and growth from proven ability. The Marshall Bridging Fund (MBF) is designed to generate returns irrespective of market condition through opportunistic financing and expert asset management of prime commercial and residential real estate.

The Fund’s focus is in German locations. Experienced Managers possessing established on-the-ground real estate knowledge and skills frequently utilized by many large institutional property managers.

The Fund offers investors a rare opportunity to invest in a growth market coupled with underlying security held on the real estate assets at sub-100% loan to value

  • Targeted return of 8-10%+ per annum.
  • Typical investment period: A minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 24 month terms to maturity.
  • The Fund will lend into a diversified portfolio of German real estate properties in strategic and proven locations to ensure sustainable valuations.

Commercial and residential property to be included as this opens up a wider scope of development financing opportunities.

Fund snapshot

  • The Fund will secure a legal charge over the real estate asset whilst still accessing high yield opportunities.
  • The funds management is a combination of highly experienced structured real estate finance and real estate knowledge, which combined offer a rare combination of in house analysis.
  • Finely tuned transaction structure with complete due diligence procedures in place.
  • Forecast return of 8%-10% per annum.
  • Fund returns are asset backed with properties in key locations.
  • Chosen properties have low depreciation risk providing solid collateral for investors.
  • Loans accrued on individual properties, rather than aggregated across whole portfolio to reduce risk. Managers will not cross-collateralise debt.
  • Portfolio with stable, predictable returns and low volatility anticipated.
  • No black box: investors know what, where and to whom they lend.

Fund structure

Open-ended Luxembourg SICAV SIF, offered by Emerald Management Luxembourg, the Fund’s AIFM, focusing on alternative and innovative value added asset classes.

Key features are:

  • Euro denominated fund with USD and CHF and GBP share class if required.
  • No inherent legacy real estate issues.
  • Monthly Liquidity and NAV.