The Fund Manager

At Emerald Managements Luxembourg, we specialize in low volatility alternative investment for institutional investors.

Emerald Management Luxembourg, has as its prime objective to provide added value alternative investment products to institutional and sophisticated investors. We focus on low volatility investment products featuring predictability of returns, steady growth and minimal downside risk.

The founding Emerald team achieves these investment objectives by calling their many years in the investment management industry and their deep network of partners providing deal flow, experience and added value to the firm’s offering.

The Emerald Team has the expertise and capacity to aim for optimal results, attractive risk return targets and sustained robust performance, thus furnishing institutional portfolio managers with investment products that can simultaneously lower overall portfolio volatility while contributing positively to the portfolio’s overall performance.

Emerald Management Sarl operates out of Luxembourg.

What characterizes us?

  • Comprehensive understanding of investor needs and constraints
  • Research-driven and disciplined investment process
  • Consistent and strict risk management procedure
  • Commitment to best practice investment process and operations
  • Expertise and experienced investment team

Our values

  • Honesty: We believe in a transparent business conduct with both our business partners and investors.
  • Integrity: We insist on adhering to a consistency of character that will drive our actions, shape our methods and principles as well as contribute to generating better results.
  • Conscientiousness: We pay attention to every detail in order to fulfill all our obligations towards our investors.
  • Accountability: We are committed to serving our investors to the best of our ability regardless of market conditions.
  • Ethics and social responsibility: We always act in line with what we consider the right thing to do. We are conscious that the way that we make these decisions individually and collectively as a company will define us and contribute to the success of our business for our benefit and that of our investors.