General Partner's Advisors

The Advisor’s direct access to deal flow will maximize the extraction of value added for our investors

The General Partner's Advisors are leveraging their extensive real estate expertise to ensure transparent risk management by adding robust diversification parameters.

Emerald Advisory Gmbh 

Volker Oehls: 

Volker brings close to 25 years experience in the German real estate market, with positions as head of research at CBRE, Dr. Lubke, Capmark or Situs Deutschland, with reponsabilities on loan sales, NPL’s, underwriting or executing transactions of assets.

Andreas Stuettgen:  

Andreas with over 20 years experience in the German real estate market, has background in property management, portfolio management of real estate assets, valuations, transaction of assets, as well as a strong background in NPL’s which he brings to the firm. His previous positions at firms like Credit Agricole CIB, Immo-Struct or Situs brings an excellent set of contacts to add value to the funds. 

Norman Scherer:  

Managing Director of Emerald Advisory Gmbh 

Norman brings a background in Real estate acquisition services, focusing on EMEA commercial real estate leasing/investments including project planning, market (re)search, evaluation & negotiation, signing & project finalization. Norman is a key member in order to manage the permit risk at Emerald Mezzanine Fund bringing the expertise to understand the probabilities of the project to be approved.

Marshall Hutton Directors

Richard Marshall-Greaves:

Richard has over 27 years experience in advising clients in acquiring and disposing of property assets in the South East, principally central London. He has represented clients in all aspects of the industry, including Investment acquisition and disposal, leasing of offices, retail and hotels. Development appraisal of office, residential and retail schemes and managed development delivery teams.

Daniel Hutton AIBA:

Daniel has over 24 years experience of advising clients, advising and disposing of property assets in central London and extensive trading in CRE and Residential assets in Germany. He has extensive knowledge of property financing, the London occupational and capital markets of Germany.